Accountax believe that an audit, delivered properly, can make a positive contribution to your business.
We focus on the important issues by understanding your business thoroughly in the first place. This means we can think creatively, offer new ideas, try to approach problems in fresh ways and make detailed recommendations.
An audit is not specifically designed to highlight problem areas.  However, our audit teams will aim to identify potential problems including taxation and operational matters, in the hope that any potential damage can be prevented or mitigated.
We place a considerable emphasis on maintaining regular communication throughout the audit process. Any weaknesses that we find are explained and recommendations made to ensure that you experience minimal disruption and that resources are used in the most efficient and cost-effective way.
We believe we have an obligation to our clients to deliver value from each audit we carry out. Transparency and communication are a key part of our service, therefore we always discuss issues and explain the implications.
Our aim is to enable the statutory audit procedures to be completed with a minimum of inconvenience to the client. We use the opportunity to provide valuable advice and assistance regarding the company’s financial accounts.
Our audit often highlights areas where efficiency improvements can be made and costs reduced, adding to the profitability of the business. The responsibilities and regulations placed on us mean that the quality of our work is constantly under review and is therefore of the highest standard.
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